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WISE Work Integration Social Enterprises as a tool for promoting inclusion

Topic: Social enterprises, employment and social inclusion

Work Integration Social Enterprises and their role in European Policies
National Cross Cutting Reports

All over Europe, WISEs (Work Integration Social Enterprises) play an important role in promoting social inclusion and employment.
The countries reports presented in this publication set out how WISEs could make a better contribution to policies in the country concerned and identify policy guide-lines for national and local policy-makers.

They are one of the results of a two-year project, part of the EU’s PROGRESS programme, that has allowed organizations representing social enterprises and WISEs from eight Member States, European networks, institutions and experts to discuss the contribution of WISEs to employment, inclusion and enterprise policies and the role they play within National Action Plans (NAPs) for inclusion, National Reform Programmes (NRPs) and Structural Fund Operational Programmes (OPs).

The publication contains cross cutting reports about WISEs in 8 countries - Austria, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Spain - plus a bibliography.