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TRAINING FOR DEMOCRACY. Information, consultation and participation of worker’s in cooperative enterprise

Topic: Workers' information and participation

SCEW project (Social Cooperatives East-West) was a transnational cooperation project, focusing on the priority objective “to promote the exchange of information and good practices aimed at creating favourable conditions for the setting up of information, consultation and participation structures within undertakings as foreseen in Directive 2002/14/EC”.
Its main goal was to support and foster the development and the exchange of good practices across Europe, focusing especially on associations of social cooperatives and with the participation of their European umbrella federations.
In order to do so, the partners observed and analyzed the opportunity of social enterprises and cooperatives in developing innovative and efficient structures for the information, consultation and participation of workers. The focus was on the comparison between social enterprises and cooperatives from Eastern and Central Europe and from Western Europe.
The countries directly involved have been Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Italy.

Table of content

1. Introduction. Project aims.

2. Previous achievements in this area – INVOLVE project (2007) - Bruno Roelants.

3. Employee participation in cooperative from the polish perspective (Monica Gladoch);
3.1. Significance of parcipation in labour law
3.2. Polish tradition of parcipation
3.3. Development of parcipation in the European Union
3.4. Forms of parcipation in cooperatives
3.5. Conclusions

4. Survey results (Joanna Brzozowska, Gianluca Pastorelli, Ottavia Manuini)
4.1. Presentation of the methodology
4.2. Italy
4.3. Social cooperatives in Central and Eastern European Countries
4.3.1. Poland
4.3.2. Bulgaria
4.3.3. Czech Republic

5. Practical Guidelines for training
5.1. Guidelines on how to help the excluded develop cooperative potential, drawn up by Kazimierz Nalepa (Eurofinance)
5.2. Guidelines on professional inclusion of disadvantage people drawn up by Consorzio Light