Where solidarity is investment

Tools for you: approaches to proving and improving for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprise

Topic: Social enterprises management

The booklet summarises the tools and systems that can help you to prove and improve your organisation’s quality and impact. It is intended to be used alongside the accompanying comparing proving and improving approaches and tool decider charts.
While it is not an exhaustive catalogue of all the possible tools and resources available, the booklet introduces some of the more popular methods available which may be used within the third sector. It won’t provide you with everything you need, but it will give you a basic understanding of the methods available, their benefits, what is involved, and how you can learn more about them.
In it you will find:
•    Social and environmental impact measurement tools.
•    Quality systems and tools.
•    Methods to help you to plan your business and social outcomes more effectively.

What’s inside?
Each summary addresses the following areas:
•    Primary purpose highlights the key features of the tool – what it does and how an organisation engages with it.
•    Summary provides further details of how the tool is designed, and guidance on the practical process of using the tool.
•    Potential benefits give an indication of the advantages of using the tool and what it can do for an organisation.
•    Potential limitations provide an indication of some of the areas for which the tool is less well suited or what it doesn’t cover.
•    Who can use the tool serves as a guide to what sort of organisation or individual the tool is most suited to.
•    What resources are needed is broken up into Leadership, Proficiencies and skills, Staff time and Courses, support and information.
•    Development, ownership and support tells you who has created the tool or method, if it is owned by someone and who provides support or assistance with its use.
•    Where they exist, third sector examples are given. Where possible, you’ll hear from organisations that have used the tool or contributed to its piloting and development. Where social enterprises are not plentiful, examples of other organisations are given. These are often just an indicative sample of organisations.
•    Further sources of information signposts you to where you can find out more. This normally features the organisation that promotes the tool but may also contain some other outside sources.