Where solidarity is investment



    The territory of PRBS has a long history in SE, born in this area over 30 years ago, fact proved by the presence of the most important Italian umbrella organisations (e.g. Solco network, CGM network, with 5.000 associates in Italy. Since the competence of SE policy has been attributed in Italy to Provinces (NUTS 3 level) PRBS has built an innovative structure of government for SE including a legal framework, TA, funds, special projects. PRBS has a long tradition in the management of EU Programmes and projects both as LP and as PP: with specific reference to the Economic Sector of the Province, it is worth mentioning the experience in Community Initiatives and the implementation of Italian ESF Projects and projects for SME innovation. Due to such fact, PRBS is networked to many other provinces, regions, RDAs and SE in Italy and EU. PRBS is the ideal organization to lead an ambitious project like ISEDE-NET, also in consideration of its financial capacity, human, technical capital.