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NES - National Employment Service

  • NES - National Employment Service

    The Law on Employment and Unemployment Insurance (Official Gazzette of RS No 61/03) states that NES is: ‘an institution for performing the works of providing the realisation of citizens’ rights to employment and insurance in case of unemployment’. In pursuit of this, the law confirms the Service’s competence in relation to the administration of unemployment registration and unemployment insurance, job broking, jobseeker advice, counselling, additional education, training, working licences and employment abroad. The NES is considered the key element of successful implementation of employment strategy and has an essential role in the transition process. It is devoted towards creation of a modern public service with the capacity to implement, in a prompt and quality manner, the measures intended to directly decrease unemployment and all other necessary administrative tasks. It represents at National level one of the most important stakeholders for the capitalization of ISEDE-NET results.