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Fondazione Caritas Ambrosiana

  • Fondazione Caritas Ambrosiana

    CARITAS was founded in 1974 to promote charity in forms consistent with the times and the needs. Nowadays it is a professional organization, employing high standing experts and delivering professional projects related (but not exclusively) to social inclusion, SE, ethic finance, also beyond the national borders. With reference to the objectives of the project, it is worth mentioning that CARITAS is able to activate a wide multilevel network including target groups such as Social Cooperatives, Foundations, Associations, Consortia, Association of Cooperatives, but also stakeholders such as Public bodies at local, Provincial and Regional Level, Banks (Banca Etica) Universities. Moreover owing to its presence on the Lombardy Region, one of the most developed in EU in terms of SE, it is able to contribute to the project with a wide set of experiences in terms of financial tools, business support services, market niches developed over the past 30 years.